My love of photography grew from after a trip to Peru’s Amazon jungle to work as a volunteer on a reforestation project. Armed only with the humble but relatively impressive Panasonic lumix point and shoot camera, I set out to recording the experience. The images were snap shots that could have been better so after receiving an offer to return to Peru to manage the volunteer project I immediately upgraded to a digital SLR and began to see the world differently. 

My intention was to make a recording for myself of the experience but after a couple of months I realised the power photography has to connect people, with each other and the natural world. To get the shot I wanted I had to converse and interact with people and the environment in a way I never had before, to get to know their lives, which at first in some cases was a little uncomfortable but with each new connection I made, I felt my world become a more beautiful and richly textured place. Among the many powers photography has, the power to remove the word ‘foreign’ from our language is one I love the most.

The photography I most enjoy is candid documentary/reportage or street photography, nature and landscape however every photographic situation presents a welcome challenge. Experience has taught me that getting to know as many people and environments as I possibly can allows me to better know myself.

I look forward to a life of photography.